Would you change your holiday plans with the push of a button? No second chances, no backing out. One push and you’re off on a free trip to a mysterious destination.

That’s the question Heineken asked travellers at JFK airport.

In its latest marketing stunt, Heineken asked people to take a big leap of faith and push the little red button on it’s specially destined “departure roulette” board.

Most travellers were a little cautious, or couldn't possibly change their bachelor party trip (lame excuse?), but a daring few chose to be spontaneous and go for it.

Some were thrilled with the destination that came up, calling loved ones to say there was a change of plans, which others a little perplexed not knowing where their exotic new destination actually was.


With destinations such as Vientiane in Laos, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Bucharest in Romania, and Marrakesh in Morocco, would you be willing to take a gamble?

Watch the video below:

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