Aussies value comfort more than food, entertainment

Australians are willing to pay more for a flight if it means they'll get a comfortable seat and Internet access, according to results of a recent TripAdvisor poll.

Aussies value comfort more than food, entertainment

Aussies value comfort more than food, entertainment

When asked what they'd be willing to pay more for on a flight, 76 per cent of travellers put comfort ahead of food and entertainment, opting for a more comfortable seat. 14 per cent desired in-flight wireless Internet access.

Premium food and drinks weren't too far behind, taking out 8 per cent.


But although travellers valued Internet access highly, almost none of them were willing to take it a step further - less than 1 per cent of travellers wanted the ability to make in-flight calls.

The findings come after a similar TripAdvisor poll last year that found 61 per cent of travellers would pay more for a child-free section on a flight.

To date, very few airlines offer in-flight Internet access - citing cost as a deterring factor. It will be interesting to see whether passenger demand changes their stance.

See further results below:

A more comfortable seat – 76 per cent
Wireless internet access – 14 per cent
Premium food and drinks – 8 per cent
A wider range of movies – 1 per cent

What would you pay more for?

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