Backlash as Qantas changes frequent flyer program

Qantas has whipped loyal flyers into a social media frenzy with an announcement of changes to its long-established frequent flyer program.

Backlash as Qantas makes changes to frequent flyer program

Backlash as Qantas makes changes to frequent flyer program

In the email sent to members this morning, the airline outlined changes to create a 'simpler, fairer system'.

Instead of earning rewards points on the number of miles that they fly, travellers will now earn points and status credits based on where they choose to fly, the type of fare they purchase, and which carrier they choose to fly with.

The email sent to users informing them of the changes

In a nutshell, users will earn more points on flexible fares and fewer on lower ones.

But with more than nine million frequent flyer members in the program, not everyone is happy with the changes - and they want Qantas to know about it.

Members have already begun to lash out on twitter and Facebook.

One disgruntled Facebook user posted: “The last time I looked, the frequent flyer was the most valuable component of the business after domestic then the bleeding international.... if Qantas were a human, the self destructive nature of the behavior would require an intervention...”

While another said: “Thanks Qantas for the lovely email this morning. I'm so glad that I'm about to earn fewer points than I use to per dollar spend. I am however a little concerned that at a time when Qantas needs all the loyalty it can get, your strategy is to focus on reducing the benefits of being loyal.”

In the email sent out to its members, Qantas Frequent Flyer said:

"Effective for travel from 1 July 2014, the number of Qantas Points and Status credits you earn will change when you fly with Qantas and Jetstar Airlines.”

“Put simply, these changes will mean that you'll earn more Qantas Points and Status credits when you choose more flexible fares.”

“At the same time, we're reducing the Qantas Points you'll earn on our lower fares to reflect your spend.”

“Our commitment is to offer you the most comprehensive, rewarding loyalty program in Australia, wherever your journey takes you."

More info can be found on

What do you think of the changes?

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