Absolute Power

I don’t know about you, but when I travel my carry-on is full of chargers, cables, adaptors and spare batteries. Keeping this mini arsenal of devices charged and ready can be quite a chore. Foreign power sockets or even a complete lack of power points can conspire to thwart you.

Enter the Powerall. To the untrained eye, this looks like a portable hard drive and it’s about the same size. But this little marvel is the equivalent of a nuclear device as far as rechargeable battery packs are concerned. Most supplementary battery packs can cheerfully recharge an iPhone or small device once or maybe twice. The Powerall, however, when fully charged should be able to recharge a couple of smartphones for your entire trip. If only Shackleton had one of these in the Antarctic.

Absolute Power

Absolute Power

But you think that’s impressive? Read on.

Most of the little ‘lipstick’ chargers have a battery capacity of about 2000mAh. At that specification, it will deliver 2 Amps for an hour. Very useful for topping up that smartphone on the train until you get home.

But The Powerall, at a whopping 12000mAh, will come in very useful for tougher tasks. How tough? How about starting your car with a dead flat battery? True story.

The Powerall comes equipped with mini jumper leads that plug directly into the pack. Attach the leads to your flat battery, turn the key and …. VROOM!

To test this claim, I tried this on my ex-Kabul Ford Falcon whose battery had given up the ghost. Instant result. Impressed. The manufacturer claims you could start 20 flat Falcons with a fully charged Powerall, although this I did not test.

This super hero quality makes The Powerall an absolute must-have for campers and caravanners. I’m guessing that with a bit of good ol’ Aussie resourcefulness, these jumper leads could be used for a variety of emergency 12V uses like a tyre pump, two-way radio or even a laptop computer. But I didn’t tell you that.

Just for good measure The Powerall comes with a super bright (86 lumen) LED torchlight and the whole shebang comes packed in a tough plastic carry-case that makes it ideal for storage in the car boot with all your camping gear. Or for regular travellers, at just 500g, it will slip into a cabin bag or suitcase without blowing your luggage allowance.

The Powerall can be charged from your 12v socket inside the car or from a 240V outlet at home or anywhere else and will stay charged for up to six months. Clever folks could probably set up a solar charger for extreme environments.

The unit comes with a USB cable and interchangeable plug set for the majority of smart devices including an iPad.

PowerAll has a RRP of $179.99 and available from Repco stores nationwide. Further details can be found at www.thepowerall.com

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