Victoria Tsuranova is a flight attendant by day. Photo: Instagram.
Victoria Tsuranova is a flight attendant by day. Photo: Instagram.

Flight attendants are known for always looking prim and proper when you get on the plane but they certainly let loose when they’re on layovers.

The glamorous job, which sees the crew fly all over the world, definitely comes with its perks and judging by these photos, the attendants make use of their mini holidays.

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Online flight attendant dating app CrewMe has posted up a string of photos of stunning crew members all showing off their enviable lifestyles online.

But on her time off she enjoys water sports with friends. Photo: Instagram.
She often posts photos from scenic locations. Photo: Instagram.

Indeed Victoria isn’t the only airhostess enjoying the high life as Emirates flightie Valentina, who goes by the name ‘The Girl On The Jumpsuit’ online also has a massive following of over 26,000 followers.

The gorgeous crew member often posts beachside pictures and layover snaps showing off her lithe physique.

“When you like your work every day is a holiday,” she posted online beside a radiant selfie.

Valentina, who goes by the name The Girl On The Jumpseat, is an Emirates flight attendant. Photo: Instagram.
She often enjoys incredible layers in exotic places. Photo: Instagram.
The stunner makes the most of her life in the skies. Photo: Instagram.

Fellow Emirates airhostess Mirelle Diniz also shows off her insane life.

“The world is my office,” is how she describes herself on her Instagram profile.

The stunner often posts images from her job showing off her glamorous lifestyle.

Lisa Marie Chevallier from Berlin is a fight attendant. Photo: Instagram.
She enjoys an incredible life. Photo: Instagram.

Most recently she posted a photo on the beach in the Seychelles where she looked blissfully happy in a black one-piece swimsuit and a whit sunhat.

Just weeks before that the flight attendant was soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach in Phuket and just before that it was Mauritius.

“At the end of the day I still have a chance to call it work,” she said in the snap of her by the water in paradise.

Flight attendant Max Magito is often seen posting wanderlust photos to her Instagram page.

Transavia flight attendant Max Magito gets to enjoy the high life. Photo: Instagram
Here she is enjoying the poolside view in Bali. Photo: Instagram.

When she’s not lounging by the pool in Bali, she's taking in the sights in Koh Phi Phi and spending Christmas in the tropics.

“Hard work pays off,” she simply captioned a photo which showed her in her flight attendant uniform.

Airhostess Lisa Marie Chevallier, from Berlin, also posts photos of her in the sun, in the snow and in all the luxurious hotels she gets to stay in around the globe.

Emirates flight attendant Mirelle Diniz gets to see the world every day. Photo: Instagram
Here she is soaking in the suns rays in Phuket. Photo: Instagram.
Just two weeks ago she was enjoying life in the Seychelles. Photo: Instagram

And possibly one of the most glamorous airhostesses of them all is Victoria Tsuranova, who is also a part-time lingerie model.

The stunning airhostess regularly posts images from the water in her tiny bikinis and from all the mesmerizing locations she gets to visit as part of her job.

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