Sydney Harbour like you've never seen it

Let’s face it – in our era of living above our means the term ‘treat yo self’ rolls off the tongue on the daily.

Which is why the ol’ birthday present of a bunch of a bunch of flowers has transitioned into a $300 dinner or a dramatic activity.

This is what the pefect V-Day present looks like in 2017. Photo: Carly Williams

And this year, only a seaplane over Sydney Harbour will do.

Be had a casual ‘treat yo self’ moment when we turned a leisurely Sunday morning into something indulgent and jumped on a Sydney Seaplane for a wip around our gorgeous harbour.

Be's weekend wip. Photo: Carly Williams

From the moment you arrive at Sydney Seaplane’s Terminal, known glamorously as the Empire Lounge, you’re treated like a star. The friendly staff check you in as if you’re flying first class to London – boarding pass and all. There’s top notch coffee or perhaps a cocktail before your name and flight are called over the PA for boarding.

Be reviews Sydney Seaplanes. Photo: Yahoo7 Be

Sydney Seaplanes have a fleet of four aircrafts – Be flew in a vintage six-seater Beaver from the 60s.

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It’s a bouncy take off over Sydney’s secret harbour beaches and as we peer down at the turquoise blue waters of Watson’s Bay and Milk Beach, we get a stark reminder of what an incredibly beautiful city we live in.

Be's videographer Shannon Aldwell films the harbour beaches. Photo: Carly Williams

As we cruise towards Palm Beach our pilot explains that Rose Bay terminal was actually Australia’s first International Airport.

The same view passengers on the first commercial flights from Sydney to London would have experienced in the 1930s. Photo: Carly Williams

In 1938 airboats were flown in from Rochester, England to carry mail to and from the land Down Under but that operation soon transformed into the most luxurious and exotic form of air travel in the world.

One of the original flying boats. Photo: Sydney Seaplanes

The journey, from Sydney to London, took ten days and could take 15 passengers. There were 13 refueling stops including Brisbane, Townsville, across the Cape York Peninsula, Darwin, over the Timor Sea and across Surabaya and Jakarta before arriving in Singapore. The flight then went on to Bangkok, Calcutta, Karachi, Alexandria, Basra, Marseilles and finally Southampton.

Rose Bay was Australia's first International Airport. Photo: Sydney Seaplanes

We can imagine the view flying across Avalon Beach in the late 30’s, that same sparkling ocean with a lot less yachts and seaside mansions.

Avalon Beach. Photo: Carly Williams

As we head back towards the city over the dramatic cliffs of North Head we can see Sydney’s famous skyline peaking in the distance. The 90-year-old man we shared our flight with sighed with emotion and told us he’d spent his whole life in Sydney but had never, ever seen it like this.

Our pilot and co-pilot. Photo: Carly Williams

It certainly was a ‘treat yo self’ moment but it’s also the treat of a lifetime. The perfect date or birthday present to show someone Sydney like they’ve never imagined.

The beautiful view of the bridge and Opera House from Sydney Seaplanes. Photo: Carly Wiliams

Cliffton Garden. Photo: Carly Williams

Sydney's rugged North Head. Photo: Carly Williams

We’ll certainly be going back for more – this time we'll splurge on a picnic on the Hawksbury!

Sydney Seaplanes land on the Hawksbury River. Photo: Sydney Seaplanes Instagram

Be was a guest of Sydney Seaplanes and you can book your trip here.

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