Inside Britney's insane $30 million Airbnb

She’s been having a tough time lately and Britney decided to take a break and get away from it all in this $30 million mansion.

The 35-year-old Toxic singer’s niece was recently involved in an ATV accident and Britney is currently on a hiatus from her Vegas residency so what better way to unwind than with a freebie from Airbnb?

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Britney decided to take a holiday from Sin City on Valentine’s day with her two boys and her new boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Britney posted this image to Instagram of her freebie Airbnb. Photo: Instagram

Britney spent Valentine's Day in the $30 million rental property. Photo: Airbnb

The star went on a min-break from her Vegas residency with her two sons and her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Photo: Airbnb

The home is situated on millionaire's row in Malibu. Photo: Airbnb

It's lavishly decorated with eccentric colours. Photo: Airbnb

The pop legend posted an image from outside the sprawling house to her Instagram, alongside the caption: “No photo can capture the beauty of a family weekend getaway in Malibu. Thanks @airbnb for the gift of this lovely home.”

Britney spent a few days living it up in the Mediterranean style villa, situated on millionaire’s row in Malibu.

For $6,500 a night, guests who decide to spend a bomb renting out the house get to live in the lap of luxury, overlooking the iconic Malibu coastline.

The mansion features two master bedrooms, five bedrooms and six bathrooms, so there’s no chance of awkwardly bumping into someone late at night when you’re busting to go.

For those who love the water but don’t want to walk the few hundred yards to the beach, the house has an infinity pool for guest’s pleasure and a hot tub for the evenings.

The home is a mediterranean style villa, which can be rented for $6,500 a night. Photo: Airbnb

Britney spent a few nights relaxing in the sprawling mansion. Photo: Airbnb

The house features two master bedrooms and five bedrooms. Photo: Airbnb

It's situated right on the Malibu coastline. Photo: Airbnb

The views are exactly what Britney needed to unwind after a hectic few weeks. Photo: Airbnb

There’s also a theatre room and an expansive outdoor area, where Britney no doubt spent her evenings playing in the garden with her precious kids.

The patio comes complete with a lean mean grill and a TV - if you like to spend the nights watching films under the stars.

The house is decorated keeping the Mediterranean style in mind, dotted with hints of blue furniture, whitewashed walls and ornate tiles.

Large, comfortable couches are also scattered throughout the mansion, adding to the opulent feel.

Britney’s mini-break comes just days after she asked her followers online to pray for her niece, Maddie Briann Aldridge, after an ATV she was driving flipped over, submerging her underwater for several minutes.

The massive living room looks out over the ocean. Photo: Airbnb

It's decorated in standard Mediterranean style. Photo: Airbnb

The house has a pool and a hot tub. Photo: Airbnb

Britney would have enjoyed cooking in this opulent kitchen. Photo: Airbnb

The kitchen features two massive islands. Photo: Airbnb

The eight-year-old was rushed to hospital and Britney pleaded with the public to “pray for our baby” during the horrifying ordeal.

However while there were grave fears for the youngster, she has since been released from hospital.

“So grateful that Maddie was able to go home today…it’s truly a miracle,” Britney wrote online.

“Our prayers were heard and they were answered.

“That you so much for all your love and support this week.

“My family appreciates it more than you will ever know.”

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