Blogger Sam Chui (pictured) tried out Etihad's 'The Residence'. Photo: Sam Chui
Blogger Sam Chui (pictured) tried out Etihad's 'The Residence'. Photo: Sam Chui

Most people can only dream of flying first class but have you ever imagined taking to the skies and living it up in a three-room suite?

Etihad’s ‘The Residence’ is even better than a first-class seat and a ticket for the suite, which features a lounge, bedroom and bathroom, is hefty to match.

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Travel blogger Sam Chui experienced how the other half lives aboard a A380 flight and when we looked up how much it would be from Abu Dhabi to London, we found it would set you back about $20,000.

Sam was given his own butler for the flight. Photo: Sam Chui

Sam began his journey in a chauffer-driven car to the airport, before he was greeted at a private entrance by Etihad staff.

Everything was organised for Sam before he went to the airport so no check-in was necessary, leaving him with more time in his own private lounge.

The blogger was given his own butler while he relaxed and sipped on a glass of champagne, before the head chef presented him with a three-course meal from an expansive a la carte menu, all presented on Vera Wang crockery.

'The Residence' features three bedrooms. Here Sam is in his double bed. Photo: Sam Chui
He was given breakfast in bed, on Vera Wang crockery. Photo: Sam Chui

For lunch, Sam was showered with caviar, grilled duck breast, pate and cocktails before he was escorted to the spa for a pre-flight massage.

After that, Sam was given the opportunity to relax in the cigar lounge, before being whisked to his gate on a buggy.

He was the last one to board the flight and was automatically given an onboard butler to tend to his every need.

‘The Residence’ lounge comes complete with a reclining leather couch, a 32-inch TV screen and takes up about the length and width of three window seats.

The suite also features a private bathroom, complete with a shower. Photo: Sam Chui
Sam is pictured sitting back and relaxing in his own private lounge. Photo: Sam Chui

When Sam felt tired he made his way to his bedroom, which was equipped with a double bed and a 27-inch TV screen.

In the morning, he was served breakfast on a silver platter from the head chef himself, who is always on call.

For a quick refresh before disembarking the flight, Sam could shower in his own private en-suite bathroom before taking in the landing from his lounge.

Oh, how the other half lives.

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