This island pays you $300 to go there

As if we needed more of an excuse to be craving a tropical break, the US Virgin Islands has revealed they will give you $300 to go there.

The government announced that they will be handing out vouchers to tourists in 2017 to use on such things as accommodation, kayaking and eco-tours.

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The incredible offer is to commemorate 100 years since the islands were sold by Denmark to the United States and is aimed at encouraging a surge in tourism.

The government is giving people $300 in vouchers to visit the US Virgin Islands. Photo: Getty

Credits will be given to tourists who spend at least three nights at St. Thomas, St. Johnand or St. Croix.

Visitors redeem the vouchers by staying at the participating hotels or booking tours with certain tour companies.

And if you visit in March, you’ll even receive a commemorative “centennial” souvenir of the month the islands were handed over to the US for $25 million in gold coins.

People hoping to make use of the travel incentive must book their trip to the islands ebfore October 2017 and can holiday there anytime between now and December 31st.

The deal applies to certain accommodation and activities on the islands. Photo: Getty

The US Virgin Islands sit right beside the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and are surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

To get to the US Virgin Islands from Australia, it usually takes a stopover in LA befor you can make your way to paradise.

And considering flights from LA to the US Virgin Islands are usually pretty cheap, we think this is definitely one to add to our bucket list for 2017.

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