Are you on this list? Hotel staff's pet peeves

You may think you're the perfect hotel guest. But just because you always try to calculate the right tip for the bell boy doesn't mean he doesn't hate you.

Read on to find out if you're on these hotel workers' hit lists...

Don't be fooled by those polite smiles. They loathe you. Source: Getty

"What got to me most was the number of times I was used as an example by parents when their kids were misbehaving. For example, if I was cleaning the windows and a child was being noisy nearby a parent might say 'if you aren't good and don't listen you'll end up cleaning windows for your whole life like this man'. Completely dehumanising, demoralising, and just a bit of a shitbag thing to do anyway. Happened so many times I lost count."

'Hahaha! We'll never be poor.' Source: Getty

"When I used to be a bellman, the biggest fights we'd get into with guests was when we told them they weren't allowed to take a luggage cart, and that we were the only ones to use them. They would always gripe about it just being an excuse to squeeze them for tips, even though it was really just because all ten carts would be stuck in various rooms within minutes if we just let guests take them."

'You distract the bellhop, Judy, and I'll grab the cart.' Source: Getty

"I hate when guests treat every minor inconvenience like it's the ONE thing that ruined their vacation.

I read the feedback we get every single day and people give us horrible reviews because of things like 'I had to wait a few minutes for the elevator' and 'the noise level in the lobby was a bit high'? I don't get how people are so sensitive to the tiniest things! Like if you are that way at home, I feel bad for your spouse or whoever you live with because it's horrible to be around such unnecessary negativity."

"Any conversation that starts with a belligerent 'I'm paying for the room.' Yes, we know. The concept of the hotel is familiar to us."

'Can you believe these jerks, Barb?' Source: Getty

"I worked in hotels years ago and the amount of people who order room service and answer the door scantily clad is astonishing. It's your room guy, if you want to lie around with your balls out that's totally fine just pls we give you a robe, throw it on before opening the door."

"Honestly, the insane expectations. It's not the worst thing but it's by far the most common. Like, buddy, you paid $120 and tax for a two star hotel room in midtown Manhattan on a Saturday night. No it doesn't come with a waterfront view, no there is not any room service.

Also, if you want two beds, book two beds. Don't book the extra cheap tiny room and then put in a 'request' for a two bed room at the same price because that's not how that works."

"Regular guests that would interrupt you when dealing with other customers like they are more important."

"When guest flat out EXPLODE on me at the front drive when I politely tell them they have to go one level down to get their vehicle as oppose to picking up out front. They are told this when they arrive.

I didn't build the hotel, I didn't place the office down stairs, I didn't place the key safe there, you know this!"

"A lot of guests just assume we know who they are. How am I supposed to know by face/name all 300rooms when I'm a bartender and seeing you for the first time.

Also the amount of people on checkout that try deny all room charges despite us having their signature on each one."

"Reception worker for an international chain of hotels here. Breaking an obvious rule they have been informed about ten times and then come to the reception to scream at my face. 'I will talk to your general manager in the headquarters (another country)!' Sure! Fill in the complaint form, make that long and expensive call and let me know when they confirm what I have just said."

"Worked hotel maintenance. If you accidentally break something in the room, be honest and let the front desk know. 99% chance you won't be charged for damage. It also gives maintenance a heads up to fix it at our earliest opportunity and not have to rush to fix it when the next guest finds the damage because the housekeeper didn't report it either.

Where I worked, if a guest reported the damage, they wouldn't be charged for it. If they just leave and don't tell anyone, they'd be charged a damage fee, usually about $100. Yes we can do that, it's on the paperwork you sign when you check in."

"Guests complaining about the size of the rooms and how everything is so basic. You literally booked the cheapest hotel room in the whole city. That's what you get."

"As a housekeeper currently on her way to work, I think I need to vent a bit. Please answer the door. I know people don't want to deal with us and you want us to clean while you're not there, I prefer it too, but don't yell at me through the door. If you answer the door I just say hi do you want housekeeping now, if not what time are you leaving. The door between makes it much harder for me."

'You people make me sick.' Source: Getty

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