World's most incredible proposal photo

You’ve got to hand it to guys – proposing is a pretty terrifying escapade.

Not only is there pressure to find somewhere meaningful and romantic to pop the question, there’s also the worry of organising it on the sly, somehow not losing the ring, and dealing with what’s inevitably a highly suspicious/unwilling girlfriend.

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Aussie photographer Dale Sharpe totally nailed it by wowing his girlfriend Karlie Russell with the perfect proposal backdrop under the Northern Lights in Lofoten, Norway – and getting the ultimate action pic in the process.

Dale tricked Karlie into the incredible snap by telling her he was setting up a selfie. Photo: Facebook/ DK Photography

“It's taken a few years to plan but I always had this moment in mind & it seemed fitting as we are both landscape photographers who share a passion for photographing the aurora,” Dale wrote on his Facebook page.

“The aurora was firing in one of the most incredible displays of colour we have ever seen. I tricked Karlie into believing we were shooting a selfie & used a torch to light us up for the image.

The couple have seen the Northern Lights together 30 times. Photo: Facebook/Dale Sharpe

“Much to her shock, it wasn't any normal selfie, and much to my shock, she said yes! This is a single image that was taken during the proposal.”

It was second proposal attempt for Dale, who met Karlie seven years ago when they first took photos together.

For the Northern Lights-loving couple who have visited them together 30 times, it was a no brainer for Dale who knew the exact location he wanted to get on one knee.

The couple have been together for seven years, with Dale planning to pop the question last year. Photo: Facebook/Dale Sharpe

However his first attempt nine months ago didn’t quite go to plan when Karlie accidentally threw out the $4000 engagement ring he had hidden in a moisturiser bottle when they found out their luggage was overweight during a trip to Iceland.

“I didn't know until weeks after... and I was looking everywhere for the ring,” Dale told the Daily Mail.

“I asked her where the moisturiser was and she told me she threw it out in the airport.”

It was a resounding 'yes' from Karlie, with the Gold Coast couple now planning their wedding. Photo: Facebook/Dale Sharpe

Dale’s next attempt was thankfully a complete success and the couple have the ultimate keepsake of their romantic moment.

“Now we may not have any of our own images up hanging on our walls at home... we may however... make an exception for this one,” Dale says.

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