When Aquabumps met Bondi Icebergs

Remember when your friends used to ask you “what’s you passion?” instead of “what do you do?”

I vaguely do.

My passions were pretty standard for a 20-something pop culture junkie – Juicy Couture tracksuits (wanting of), following the adventures of Paris Hilton and dreaming of Jude Law.

Because velour trackies and diamante thongs were life. Source: Getty

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to turn my passion into a profession, landing a job as a celebrity journo and going on to manage the entertainment team at Yahoo7 Be.

But for some, managing to make money from a passion can be a trickier business.

For Aquabumps’ Eugene Tan, his passion project has been 34 years in the making.

Aquabumps founder Eugene Tan literally lives his passion. Source: Eugene Tan/Aquabumps

Years of blood, sweat and experimenting went into turning his love of beach photography into his now famous Bondi-based gallery.

And recently, his ultimate dream of skinning the bottom of Bondi Icebergs with his favourite snap – Peppermint – became a reality.

Eugine achieved his dream of featuring his artwork on the bottom of the Bondi Icebergs pool. Source: Journalist's own

It took 24 hours to instal the artwork which was taken on the Amalfi Coast. Source: Eugene Tan/Aquabumps

The creative feat is aimed at inspiring others to bring their passion projects to life. Source: Eugene Tan/Aquabumps

In honour of the occasion, Be was invited by Canon to do a helicopter flyover of the impressive scene, which was the result of 24 long hours spent adhering the 49-metre long, 13-metre wide, 700 square metre print to the bottom of the drained pool.

We also got to feel the fear whilst hanging out of the doorless helicopter, shooting shots in the aerial style made famous by Eugene.

What better way to view Eugine's aerial photography than from above? Source: Journalist's own

A view from above. Source: Journalist's own

Be's attempt at an Aquabumps-style shot. Source: Journalist's own

And now the company is giving others with a passion project the chance to bring it to life.

As part of their ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ initiative, throughout 2017 Canon Australia will be encouraging creatives to pitch their projects, with winners to be awarded funding, equipment, technical support and promotion.

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For more information, head to https://www.canon.com.au/explore/show-us-whats-possible.

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