Pilot’s wife defends United Airlines


When Dr David Dao was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight earlier this week, it fired up a global storm of condemnation that quickly escalated into a PR nightmare and reportedly wiped $1.3 billion in market value from the airline.

But while the world is still angrily shaking its fist over the way the passenger – who was removed to make room for crew on standby – was treated, others say Dr Dao was actually the one in the wrong.

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According to blogger The Pilot Wife Life, getting bumped off a flight is all covered in the fine print of purchasing a plane ticket, and the incident escalated because of the way the passenger acted.

The world erupted when images of Dr Dao being dragged off hit social media. Photo: Twitter

“If a federal law enforcement officer asks me to exit a plane, no matter how royally p**ed off I am, I’m going to do it and then seek other means of legal reimbursement. True story,” she wrote.

“Knowing what I know about airport security, I’m certainly not going to run back into a secured, federally restricted area at an airport flailing my arms and screaming like a banshee…because, you know, that just happens to be breaking a major federal Homeland Security law.”

The unidentified wife has been married to her pilot husband for 15 years. Photo: Facebook/thepilotwifelife

The blogger, who has been married to a pilot for 15 years, also writes that United flight crew weren’t to blame for the physical altercation that followed, and were just following protocol.

“Once law enforcement became involved��� United stepped out of the decision-making process. They had nothing to do with the rest,” she wrote.

Pictures of Dr Dao bloodied and dazed have made headlines around the world. Photo: Twitter

“The passenger was forcibly removed by federal aviation security… after [Dr Dao ran] back into the secured area after being escorted out once, [law enforcement] were under full discretion of the law to apply necessary force to remove the threat.

“I’m not saying it’s pretty, but the only one who actually broke a law was the passenger. There’s a reason for these laws–it’s called 9/11. We can’t have it both ways.”

The Pilot's Wife has urged everyone to take a look at the other side of the story, from United's perspective. Photo: Getty

She also sticks up for the airline, saying the standby crew in question had to fly so they could man another flight and avoid a cancelation, which could have a disastrous domino effect.

And all the outrage over Dr Dao’s race?

The blogger highlights the security issues surrounding what happened to Dr Dao in her lengthy post. Photo: Facebook/thepilotwifelife

“They did not play spin the bottle or walk down the aisle looking for the Asian guy,” writes the blogger.

“Use your heads, people! There is a computerised algorithm that takes into account price of ticket, how long ago it was purchased, whether or not they can get the passenger to their destination in a timely manner, etc. It wasn’t an ‘Asian thing.’ Stop, people. Just stop.”

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