This surprising thing can get you kicked off a flight

Travellers around the world were up in arms this week over the brutal way a passenger was treated when he was bumped off a United Airlines flight to make way for standby crew.

But others have insisted it’s all part of the conditions of carriage, or the fine print you agree to when you buy a plane ticket.

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For the vast majority of us out there who don’t actually take the time to read those wordy T’s and C’s, it turns out there’s another thing that can see you getting kicked off a flight – and it’s something we’ve all suffered from at some point in our life.

Bad BO.

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That’s right, smelling less than fresh can see you being banned from even setting foot on the plane.

According to, major airlines in the US including American Airlines, Delta Air, and JetBlue have the power to deny you access to the plane over the way you smell.

It's understandable that you might not smell your best after hours on the road, but if it's really bad, it could see you bumped from your flight. Photo: Getty

American Airlines conditions rule they have the power to step in if a passenger has “an offensive odour not caused by a disability or illness”, and it’s something they enacted in 2014 after they booted a 27-year-old man from a flight bound from Paris to the US.

“The crew and the passengers have complained about your smell,” a staff member reportedly told the man.

They’re not the only airline either, with Air Canada doing a similar thing back in 2010, ejecting an ‘unkempt’ passenger from a two hour flight from Charlottetown to Montreal after several people on the plane complained.

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"People were just mumbling and staring at him," passenger Penny Walsh told the Prince Edward Island Guardian. "The guy next to me said, 'It's brutal.'"

Top travel tip: if you’ve spent hours on the road and are feeling a little musty, hit up the duty free section before your next flight and give yourself a spritz.

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