Dutch King's secret life as a pilot

The Dutch King has proved he isn’t your regular monarch by revealing he’s been an undercover pilot for the past 21 years.

Unlike most pilots who carry out the job and go home to rest, the King has been living a double-life, flying through the skies half of the time and carrying out royal duties for the other half.

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King Willem-Alexander told a Dutch newspaper that he has now given up his role as a “guest pilot” for KLM and Dutch carrier Martinair and will instead fly Boeing 737 passenger jets.

Dutch King William-Alexander has revealed he moonlights as a pilot. Photo: Getty

"I find flying simply fantastic," King Willem-Alexander told De Telegraaf.

"I really wanted to continue as a guest pilot for KLM and therefore it could actually only be on a plane such as the 737... which means short trips.

"Any bigger aircraft than this (737) always means staying overnight, meaning I cannot get back in time to The Netherlands in case of an emergency."

The King is now ready to fly passenger jets. Photo: Getty

He revealed his secret job to a Dutch newspaper. Photo: Getty

The King will start his conversion training to fly Beoing 737 jets at the end of this month.

However if you’re thinking you may get to fly on one of the King’s flights, I’m afraid you may never know, as his presence is never announced onboard.

He told the newspaper that he never gives his name and instead welcomes passengers “on behalf of the captain and crew”.

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