Cabin crew reveal what in-flight chimes REALLY mean

It sounds like a doorbell ringing and become such a part of our plane psyche, you probably don’t even notice – or question – it happening.

But for those who have wondered about those chimes that continually ring out during a flight, cabin crew members have finally revealed what they all mean.

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All is explained in a Qantas blog, with the airline revealing the first ‘ding’ you hear if travelling on an Airbus happens after take-off, and lets crew know the landing gear is being retracted.

Industry insiders explain the chimes are a way for staff to communicate. Photo: Getty

A second chime sounds out when the seat belt sign is switched off.

But what about during the rest of the flight?

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Here’s your guide to what they all mean:

Single chime

"Passenger asking for service in their seat (i.e. pressing their call bell) A panel will light up in the galley and second light will appear over the passenger’s seat,” the Qantas blog reveals.

HI-LO chime

"Ringtone of a crew phone from one galley or section to another (They’re probably asking if there’s more snacks for another part of the cabin)."

Triple chime LO-LO

"Priority message from the captain or other crew members which could be letting them know there may be turbulence ahead, so they should start putting away the meal carts and be ready in case the fasten seat belt sign comes on."

There you have it – cabin chimes decoded!

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