Airport prank goes viral

There's nothing like waiting at the gate to board your plane and realising your phone's about to run out of battery.

Airport prank goes viral

Airport prank goes viral

But wait! There's a power point right there. Thank God, it's going to be ok.

This girl even got a seat next to the socket. She probably thinks it's her lucky day... Source: Twitter

Unless, that is, you're the victim of this guy's cruel, cruel prank.

Twitter user JustBasicDave bought special stickers that look just like power points, and stuck them around the departure gate at the airport.

He then sat back and filmed the reactions of confused travellers who just wanted a working phone, or iPad.

And while most of his fans thought it was hilarious, plenty thought it was the sickest of sick jokes.

Others just thought it was a welcome respite from reading about elections and politicians in general.

And in case you want to DIY this at your local airport... JustBasicDave posted a link for that.

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