'World's worst' Airbnb guest leaves behind horrifying mess

It’s the horror story sure to send terror through the hearts of Airbnb hosts around the world, after one French woman was left devastated at the state of her beloved apartment when a guest completely destroyed her home.

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Homeowner Laurie took to Facebook to reveal the disgusting state her painstakingly renovated Paris flat was left in, after she rented it to a Canadian guest for three weeks.

Paris woman calls out Airbnb for compensation

Laurie's beloved flat was completely trashed by her guest. Photo: Facebook

Airbnb house trashed

Using a bed as a toilet? Really? Photo: Facebook

“Today, the charming new studio has literally transformed itself into a vulgar ‘squat’ filled with excrement, urine and an impressive quantity of alcohol bottles,” Laurie explained.

“The urine has taken possession of the charming studio from the floor to the ceiling… the bed which has served as a toilet.

Airbnb Paris studio trashed

Empty bottles littered the studio. Photo: Facebook

“I was really shocked and devastated when I came back, my studio in that state.”

Laurie, who had used rental site Airbnb to host guests in the past while she was away travelling, told The Local she attempted to contact the company over the horrific damage, but struggled to get anyone to take her claim – with repairs estimated to cost $15,000 - seriously.

Laurie French Airbnb trashed

Laurie reveals she scrimped and saved to renovate her little home. Photo: Facebook

“The costs are enormous,” Laurie wrote. “The cleaning of the apartment requires the intervention of professionals who necessarily charge disinfection and excreta removal.”

Laurie says she had no reason to suspect the Canadian man would be such a horrific house guest considering he had a previous positive review on the site, however told The Local she later learned he suffered from depression and alcoholism.

Airbnb Paris studio disgusting

Not one single room emerged unscathed, with the bathroom trashed as well. Photo: Facebook

In desperation, Laurie shared photos of her flat on Facebook in an attempt to get Airbnb to compensate her for the damage.

“The situation became urgent, given that this is my main home,” she revealed, adding that the company have since contacted her to examine her case.

Airbnb France compensation

To make matters worse, Laurie's guest overstayed by a week without her permission. Photo: Facebook

Airbnb compensation for Canadian guest trash

The bill to fix Laurie's apartment runs into the thousands. Photo: Facebook

“I received a call from [the] help center and today, they take care of my file, which is being studied,” the relieved home owner reported.

“I am waiting and hoping to get compensation from the tenant... to make my studio look great.”

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