Bland Shire in all its glory
Bland Shire in all its glory

Banana, Qld There is not a banana in sight, but this small town on the Dawson Highway is renowned for its beef cattle.

Bland Shire, Central West NSW An agricultural and mining area which sits on the Newell Highway and Mid-Western Highways.

Bong Bong Southern Highlands, NSW The very first village established in the Southern Highlands, Bong Bong sadly only exists today as a name on a map.

Boyland, nr Mt Tamborine, Qld

Burrumbuttock, nr Albury, NSW

Chinaman's Knob Believe it or not there are not one but two Chinaman's Knobs in Australia! One is a hill in Victoria, and the other in NSW. Origin unknown.

Cockburn A town in WA situated between Rockingham and Fremantle.


Come By Chance featured in Banjo Patterson's famous ballad "Come-by-Chance", this little outback town is situated in the New England North West area of NSW. As with most funny places there's a good story behind it's name, and Come by Chance was named after a sheep station of the same name in the area. The owners were so surprised and delighted to have been able to buy such a sheep station, they named it Come by Chance!

Delicate Nobby A tourist hot spot in northern NSW, near Crescent Head. Has a good camping area, popular with surfers.

Diapur A locality situated in the Hindmarsh Region of Victoria.

Foul Bay Actually not very foul at all. Foul Bay is a small coastal village in South Australia's Yorke Peninsula. Just down the road from Tiddy Widdy Beach.

Humpty Doo

Humpty Doo A small rural town located on the outskirts of Darwin, NT. Famous for it's 'Big Boxing Crocodile'. The origins for the name are unknown.

Mangalore Where the residents of Boytown move on to when they grow up? Mangalore is a small town in rural Victoria, about 2 hours north of Melbourne.

Mooball This quaint little village on the Tweed Valley Highway in Northern NSW embraces its unusual name. Visitors will enjoy the black and white cow print painted general store, as well as on lampposts and boulders through the town.

Rooty Hill This suburb of Sydney is apparently named after a place of the same name on Norfolk Island.

Rottnest Island A hugely popular island off the coast of Fremantle in WA. Dutch explorers named it Rotte-nest Island meaning 'rats Nest' after discovering the quokkas that lived there, and thinking they were giant rats. The unfortunate 'e' was subsequently dropped from the middle of the name.

Tittybong This small town sits in the Swan Hill district of Victoria.

Useless Loop So-named because it was thought to be inaccessible due to a sandbar, Useless Loop in the Shark Bay area of WA, turned out to be not so useless after all. Currently used as a solar salt farm producing some of the best salt in the world.

Woody Head This delightful fishing, swimming and camping area near the town of Iluka in Northern NSW is the source of much entertainment to visitors from America.

Wonglepong Just down the road from Boytown in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Yorkeys Knob - a great place

Yorkeys Knob This picturesque coastal town on the northern beaches of Cairns is named after a revered historical figure who lived in the area.

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