Jumbo jet crashes into smaller plane at JFK

Footage has emerged of one of the world's largest jetliners crashing into a smaller plane at New York's JFK Airport.



The Air France A380 Airbus clipped the tail of the smaller Delta Comair plane, spinning it like a toy.

A passenger on another plane at the airport captured the dramatic incident on video.

Nobody is believed to have been injured on either plane, however, the National Transportation Safety Board plans to investigate what happened.

A CNN correspondent on the Air France flight to Paris reported that he felt a "slight rumble akin to hitting a patch of rough pavement" as the plane with over 500 people on board was moving on the ground.

The correspondent said about a foot of the Air France superjumbo's left wing appeared to be damaged.

Air France confirmed the incident and said both aircraft had been "immobilised" pending an investigation. A spokeswoman declined to estimate the time and cost of repairs to the wing.

The A380 has a wingspan of almost 80 metres and has meant a change in procedure at some airports to accommodate its size.

LAX in Los Angeles, for example, has to close service roads and runways to other aircraft and vehicles when the A380 arrives and departs.

Watch the dramatic tailspin at JFK Airport below.

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