There's now a private Airbnb island that you and 29 friends can stay on

A private island featuring a beautiful traditional Japanese house is now open for bookings.

Malaysia’s seven best beaches

With almost 900 scattered islands, and a vast 5,000km coastline on both sides of the Malaya Peninsula and along the coast of Borneo, it goes without saying Malaysia has quite a few beaches. If …

Going Green in Singapore

Singapore has affectionately been dubbed a ‘City in a Garden’ thanks to its reputation of being a buzzing metropolis that also boasts tree-lined streets, more than 50 lush green parks and four …

How to Shop Hong Kong Like A Local

If Sydney's all about the sunshine and Melbourne's all about the art, Hong Kong’s favorite pastime is easily shopping. We caught up with Jacquelyn Tryde, marketing assistant for the swank Four …

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