EXCLUSIVE: The Naked Traveller Tyson Mayr's top travel tips

Tyson Mayr is living the dream. He finds himself in a different corner of the world every other week - and gets paid for it, thanks to his successful brand 'The Naked Traveller'.

EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Mayr's top travel tips

EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Mayr's top travel tips

With 10k in the bank and bucketloads of creativity, Tyson managed to visit almost 30 countries in a year when he first set off on his travels.

His latest adventure however, took him right to his own back yard to enjoy the relaxed Aussie lifestyle in Cairns.

A recent survey released by Great Northern Brewing Co had revealed that one of the most important drivers for goin’ bush was the opportunity to spend time enjoying the companionship of friends (53 per cent). So with this in mind, the jet hopper set off to Cairns for four days of fishing, four wheel driving and bush cook-ups in the company of his best mate Dean and a few Great Northern Super Crisp beers.

In between fishing and quad biking, Tyson took a moment to share a few of his top travel tips, whether travelling within Australia or overseas.

His first bit of advice? Learn how to budget by not splurging on expensive meals.

"I see a lot of people when they go travelling spend a lot of money on food - breakfast, lunch and dinner," Tyson says.

"If you're spending $20 each meal, that quickly adds up. If you can replace two of those meals with a supermarket alternative - oats in the morning, a 60 cent bagel and some cheap ham or tuna - that's going to save you an absolute fortune."

He says that by replacing two of your meals each day with a supermarket alternative, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars each week and still get your local, cultural fix.

Sounds simple enough, right?!

Snorkelling in the great Barrier Reef. Source: Instagram.

Tyson - who has spent majority of the past decade continent-hopping - also advises people to try travelling solo, especially if they've never done it before.

"To begin with I enjoyed travelling with someone because it was a whole new experience and I could share that with someone," he explains.

"But having travelled by myself, it is such a different and rewarding experience because all of a sudden, you are forced to put yourself in a situation and meet people you wouldn't have otherwise."

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Despite having a passport full of stamps, Tyson admits he'll always have a soft spot for exploring in his own backyard.

From the Great Northern Brewing Co. beach house in Cairns. Source: Instagram.

"It's been such a great weekend [in Cairns]," he says.

"We've been quadbiking, four-wheel driving, deep-sea fishing with Al (McGlashan from Fish'n With Mates)... it's just been a great outdoorsy weekend. I've never been to Cairns but always wanted to come up here and experience that."

Keep up to date with Tyson's travel snaps on Instagram and look out for the video of his Great Northern Experience up in Cairns.

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