Here are 2017's trendiest baby names

Bianca Soldani

With the likes of Devereaux, Dimitri and Jameson Moon, making waves in the celeb sphere, 2017 looks set to be an interesting year for baby names!

Baby name website Nameberry, have put together a list of their top 25 "hottest" boys and girls monikers for 2017, and they're a far cry from the Olivias and Henrys that appear on the most "popular" list.

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The "hottest" choices basically reflect what's generating interest online, and are based on the number of searchers done on a particular name in last month when compared to January last year. So while it may show what's grabbing the attention of parents, it doesn’t indicate what they actually choose.

People are loving Rosamund. Photo: Getty
Ines is also likely to be popular. Photo: Getty

For girls born in 2017, some of the top results include Noor, Alizeh and Tahiti. Ines - the name Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently chose for their second bub - also places high on the list, as do Portia, Samara and Rosamund.

However, Tatjana – the German spelling for the traditional Tatiana - tops the lot, followed shortly afterwards by Moana, the title of Disney’s latest animated flick.

A little silver screen influence is also apparent on the boys side of things with Cassian - a name from the latest Star Wars picture - and Xander - after the release of xXx: Return of Xander Cage - making it into the top 15. Meanwhile Ragnar - the name of the lead character in Vikings - makes it to 11th spot.

There's been a lot of interest in the name Ragnar. Photo: History
And Cassian from Star Wars, is also raising eyebrows. Photo: Lucas Films

Benajah, Gunther and Lucien also finish near the top, alongside more common monikers such as Callum and Kane.

Four gender neutral names - Quincy, Remi, Winter and Ellis - also make the cut.

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