'Triangle UFOs’ filmed flying out of canyon

Kristine Tarbert

A UFO hunter has shared footage of what he believes are two UFOs flying out of a canyon near a US Air Force base in Nevada.

Steve Barone runs a Youtube channel called UFOs in The USA and dubbed this video his “best one yet”.

He decided to set up his night vision camera to do what he calls “sky fishing” around the entrance of the Red Rock Canyon.

"When I got the video inside and went through it slowly and was amazed towards the end of the video you see two triangle objects fly out of the canyon into the Las Vegas valley,” he explained in the video.

A UFO hunter filmed these objects at Red Rock Canyon. Photo: Youtube

"If you look really close they look like little triangles and appear to have little half domes on top of them."

However, many believe the triangle shaped objects might actually be a legendary TR-3B aircraft - said to be a secret spy plane developed by the US military.

While there is no proof these planes exist, apart from witness accounts, conspiracy theorists believe the craft belong to a secret “black project” for the government and were created at top secret military bases like Area 51 using alien technology.

Many are convinced the objects are real UFOs. Photo: Getty

Others however believed the objects were UFOs, calling the footage “amazing”.

“I saw something similar a few weeks ago,” one person commented on the video. “It passed over in front of me at a super-fast speed from right to left and disappeared. This was after viewing UFO orbs high in the night sky the night before."

"Red Rock Canyon is notorious for UFOs,” another added.

Scott Brando, who runs debunking website Ufoofinterest.org, was intrigued enough to want to see the original footage without any filters, according to The Express.

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