There is a tropical island full of rescue puppies to cuddle

Kristine Tarbert

We can’t imagine a much better holiday than lounging around on a gorgeous tropical island.

So what if you added some adorable puppies to the mix?


Well, this heaven actually exists on Providenciales, an island that’s part of Turks & Caicos, thanks to dog rescue organisation Potcake Place.

Potcake Place lets Island visitors cuddle puppies. Photo: Facebook

It’s literally a tropical island, filled with puppies you can play with.

Sadly the island is plagued by a huge number of homeless and neglected dogs but since 2005, Potcake Place has been rescuing these stray pups and caring for them.

Volunteers rescue the island's homeless dogs. Photo: Facebook

Volunteer staff look after the ‘potcakes’ which are a mix of a Labrador, German Shepard and an English fox terrier.

Known for having chilled out personalities, adorable faces, and ‘potcake smiles’, the organisation has sorted out a way for visitors to the island to spend time with the puppies on the beach.

And it’s all for a good reason as they hope the travellers can help the puppies socialise.

The dogs benefit from socialising. Photo: Facebook

Basically when you visit the island’s rescue you can choose a puppy and get a kit filled with food and everything you need to care for the dog.

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You get a kit to help care for the dog. Photo: Facebook

Just giving them cuddles and taking them for walks makes a world of difference to the dogs. And if you end up meeting one you just can’t part with, well you can adopt one and take it home.

‘Honey, look what I brought back from my holiday’

If you fall in love you can adopt. Photo: Facebook

Potcake Place generally has about 50-70 puppies in it’s care that are all up for adoption.

Potcake Place relies on donations. Photo: Facebook

They offer the dogs a home until a forever home can be found, but relies on donations to cover food, toys, supplies and treats.

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