Can you pass this IQ test designed for kids?

Kristine Tarbert

A tricky little quiz designed for school children has left many people stumped.

The new IQ quiz by Playbuzz is aimed at kids aged between 10 and 11, but even the brainiest are struggling to get a score above 7/10.

Aimed at testing your numerical and linguistic skills, as well as general knowledge and your problem solving skills, the challenging questions start off pretty simple, before getting gradually harder and harder.

How many can you get. You can check your answers below.

Question one. Photo: Playbuzz
Question two. Photo: Playbuzz
Question three. Photo: Playbuzz
Question four. Photo: Playbuzz
Question five. Photo: Playbuzz

How we going so far?

Question six. Photo: Playbuzz
Question seven. Photo: Playbuzz
Question eight. Photo: Playbuzz
Question nine. Photo: Playbuzz
Question ten. Photo: Playbuzz

Here are the answers. We managed to get 10/10. How did you go?

  1. 55
  2. City - London
  3. Peach - it is the only one that is a stone fruit. Tomatoes are technically fruits
  4. 20
  5. LAASAK - 2 = K, 3 = S, 4 = A, 7 = L
  6. June - it's the only month to have 30 days
  7. 30 - Jason is five, 15 years younger than Emma. When she is 30, he will be 15
  8. 7 - the 2nd, 4th, and 6th numbers are all going down by 1
  9. 3600 - 4, 121 and 900 are all square numbers, as is 3600
  10. No - question does not state what proportion of the herd are striped or grey
What was your score? Photo: Playbuzz

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