Turning Him ON!

After thoughtful requests from my lovely female posters, I have decided to dedicate another blog to the subject of men. While my last entry covered the male brain, this blog will cover the male ... well, his other brain.

Even if you have been in a happy relationship for years, you might wonder what you can do to really turn your man on. How can you take his passion from humdrum to out-of-this-world? Consider these tried-and-true tips:

Make Him Wonder ...

Ever wonder why classic film stars like Ingrid Bergman and Vivien Leigh are still widely heralded as icons of glamour and beauty? It isn't just because they had beautiful faces and curvy figures! They had an essence about them that was both mysterious and tempting. In those days, women didn't show everything. They dressed glamorously and looked enchanting -- but they certainly didn't prance around without their underwear, a là Britney and Lilo! Mystery keeps a man interested. Clothes that reveal everything don't excite him -- he doesn't want something the whole world has seen!

A good rule of thumb is this: If you're wearing a short skirt, don't wear a revealing top. If you're wearing a revealing top, don't pair it with a barely-there miniskirt. Better yet, don't always resort to showing off your cleavage or long legs. Reveal an unexpected -- yet sexy -- part of your body, such as your back or shoulders. Tempt him with a little skin -- just a taste that will leave him dying for more.

Keeping the mystery alive is not just about your clothing. In our tell-all society of talk shows and reality TV, it's so easy to over-share. Believe it or not, there's nothing more sexy than a woman with secrets! If you're just beginning to date someone, resist the urge to fill them in on your latest breakup or your recent mole removal. Keep your private life private ... and he will be dying to learn more about you!

Turn His Head ...

Most men would agree that there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing his old baseball jersey. It is wonderful when a relationship reaches that comfort stage -- you stay home more often, you quit running to the bathroom to put makeup on before he wakes up, and you lounge together in sweats and old T-shirts. Nothing wrong with that, right?

WRONG! While it's nice to nest on the couch together, don't let it become routine. Many women tend to quit grooming once they're in a long-term relationship. In fact, research has shown that women often pack on the pounds in a committed relationship -- probably because they're matching their boyfriend, pizza slice for pizza slice! And while it might be true that your boyfriend will love you no matter what, do you really want to look like a sloppy version of yourself?

Kick up the sexy in your relationship by taking care of your physical appearance. Book a spa appointment, get your nails done, and break out that sexy red dress you wore when you first met. Once your partner sees you taking extra care of yourself, it'll certainly turn him on -- and it might drive him to do something extra-special with his appearance, too!

Stimulate Him Visually ...

When it comes to sex, men are visual creatures. You can create this visual stimulation in many different ways. For one, you could try renting a little erotica. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be something obscene or misogynistic. There are many female-friendly erotica flicks out there, with actual plot-lines and realistic-looking actors.

If porn isn't your cup of tea, consider giving your man a sexy striptease -- if you're brave enough! You could also consider emailing him a sexy picture during the day -- by the time night rolls around, he'll be dying to come home to you! (Just make sure the picture doesn't get into the wrong hands.) For the less brave of heart, a simple black teddy or racy negligee is certain to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Applaud Him in the Bedroom ...

The number one turn-on for men is when they know they're turning you on. So check your shyness at the bedroom door. Moan, coo, and call out his name if it feels right. Don't hold back -- he wants to hear your response. (Just be sure not to scare the neighbors!)

Of course, every man is turned on by different things. In order to truly know what your partner finds sexy, you have to ask. Fortunately, asking your man about his fantasies is itself sure to be a turn-on. Just remember: If you enjoy yourself sexually, he will be sure to follow suit!

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