TV Host Totally Dwarfed Standing Next to the Model With America’s Longest Legs

Lauren Tuck
Lauren Williams and Kelly Ripa.

American TV host Kelly Ripa is 160cm tall.

Her co-host on Live! With Kelly & Michael, Michael Strahan, is 195cm.

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On Thursday, the petite blonde invited Lauren Williams, a 193cm tall model on the show, completely dwarfing Ripa on the set of the show she’s helmed since 2001.

“Yeah, so yesterday, we talked about the model with the longest legs. You know her legs are all the way up to my nipples. Not kidding. That’s true. That’s where her legs stop,” Ripa said.

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Ripa was definitely not kidding. There’s photographic proof. Williams walked in wearing heels and she even towered over the former football player.

For the full effect, Ripa asked Williams to kick off her heels and she did the same as well. From Williams’ natural hip to the floor, it’s 125cm. Ripa’s, on the other hand, is 100cm.

Ripa reached Williams’ nipples.

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“Pretty regularly, I have people comment on how tall I am or how longs my legs are,” the Houston, Texas-based model said. “I don’t recall a time when I realised I had such long legs. It was just always something about me.”

The 26-year-old was recently confirmed to be the owner of America’s longest legs.

She was crowned after a makeup artist in Los Angeles she used to work with reached out and nominated her after seeing the woman who used to have the title and realising Williams would handily overthrow her.

“Most of my friends and family members are very excited about my title,” she said, “they are always commenting on how lucky I am.”