TV presenter flashes on live TV

Carly Williams

That moment you forget you're sitting at a glass desk!

Costanza's bulletin started out perfectly. Photo: TG 5

Italian journalist Costanza Calabrese has become an overnight Internet star after she accidentally flashed her knickers on live TV.

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Costanza was reading the news for Network TG 5 when she signed off her bulletin and gave viewers more than they bargained for.

Italian journalist Costanza Calabrese may have forgotten she was sitting at a glass desk? Photo: TG 5
She seems totally unaware of what's about to happen. Photo: TG 5

The camera panned out and revealed what looks like the top of Costanza's legs.

Perhaps she just wanted to wear a bodysuit to work that day?

Costanza says goodnight and accidentally flashes. Photo: TG 5

One viewer filmed their TV screen and uploaded the clip to the Internet and of course it's gone viral.

OK, that's enough Internets for one day.

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