TV star targeted by trolls saying she's 'too stupid' to home school kids

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A British TV star has revealed she’s been the target of cruel trolls who’ve branded her “too stupid” to home school her kids.

Stacey Solomon has been teaching her two sons Zachary, ten, and Leighton, five, at home since September, but admitted people have accused her of not being intelligent enough for the job.

The 28-year-old — who found fame on the X-Factor in 2009 — said she’s had to “talk herself out of it” after the comments left her feeling insecure.

Stacey Solomon has revealed she was the target of online trolls who called her “too stupid” and “dumb” to teach her kids. Source: Instagram/StaceySolomon

“There were a few comments after I said I was home schooling the boys about how dumb I am and how dumb they [her son’s] would turn out,” she told The Mirror. 

Stacey said that even before she was in the public eye, people thought she was “stupid” and “not smart” which led to her developing an “insecurity”.

“It did really make me feel bad, but I don’t know these trolls, they are insignificant and you have to talk yourself out of it,” she said, explaining how she’s dealing with the online abuse. 

The mum of two went on to discuss how she’s not stupid and “shouldn’t be allowing anyone else to make me feel that way”, especially as her boys were doing so well with their education. 

The former X-Factor contestant has opened up about her decision to home school Zachary, ten, and Leighton, five, in September last year. Source: Instagram/StaceySolomon

“At the moment they are responding to it really well and they are learning a lot more in a much more positive way,” she added. 

Stacey has talked about her controversial decision to home school her boys on the TV show Loose Women, where she is a regular panelist.

“As time went on and Zachary got older, it became uncool to be clever so his grades started dropping and his attitude rising,” she said back in March. 

As a result she decided to take matters into her own hands, and teach both her boys herself, using her own education.

Stacey has talked about the criticism on Loose Women in the past. Source: ITV

While some fans were quick to put Stacey down, many took to Twitter to defending her parenting decision.

“I think she will do brilliantly and she has the means to get support if she should ever need it,” one user wrote, while another said “good on her”. 

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