The powerful abortion tweet going viral in the Vegas aftermath

Suzy Byrne

The Las Vegas massacre has been weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of many.

While in the immediate wake of the tragedy, we saw people calling for better gun control laws, many women, including a number of celebrities, are sharing a powerful quote which compares gun control and abortion.

"I want any young men who buy a gun to be treated like young women who seek an abortion,” it reads.

"Think about it: a mandatory 48-hour waiting period, written permission from a parent or a judge, a note from a doctor proving that he understands what he is about to do, time spent watching a video on individual and mass murders, traveling hundreds of miles at his own expense to the nearest gun shop, and walking through protesters holding photos of loved ones killed by guns, protesters who call him a murderer.

"After all, it makes more sense to do this for young men seeking guns than for young women seeking an abortion. No young woman needing reproductive freedom has ever murdered a roomful of strangers."

The quote, which is attributed to but actually not originated by Gloria Steinem, has been circulating since 2015, but has gone viral in the wake of the Vegas shooting and US legislation proposing to ban abortion after 20 weeks that federal politicians are about to vote on.

Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss, Kelly Rowland, Elisabeth Moss, Melanie Griffith, and Melissa Gilbert are just a handful of celebrities who posted the quote from the feminist icon that contrasts the treatment of young men buying guns with the treatment young women get when seeking an abortion.

Upton captioned it, “Pray for Vegas,” while Kloss wrote, “Powerful thought.”

With so many famous people sharing it, we dug into its origins. And while Steinem has posted it to Facebook — as part of a 2015 list entitled “Top Ten Things I Want for Christmas” (it was No. 3)— she noted, “This riff is not mine, it’s on the Internet — I thank whoever gave us all this present.”

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