Twitter savages Melania's Saudi outfit

Aletha Wilkinson

Melania Trump probably put a lot of thought into her travel wardrobe for the huge trip she and Donald have embarked on this weekend.

And her first outfit, a long-sleeved, black jumpsuit teamed with a gold necklace and oversized gold belt for their engagement in Ridah, Suadi Arabia, will have involved careful planning.

Melania's belt, folks. Source of much discussion. Source: AP

At a guess, it's supposed to be a nod to the robes often worn in Middle Eastern countries. And the gold accessories are a most likely a shout out to Saudia Arabian gold stores.

Unfortunately for Melania, the Twitterati had something to say about the ensemble, and it wasn't entirely positive.

People said it looked like she was one of Charlie's Angels.

They compared her with Elvis.

Said her waist accessory was like a seatbelt.

The Darth Vader comparisons rolled in.

And Batman.

They thought she looked like a WWE wrestling champ.

That joke got a lot of airtime, actually.

Then they thought it was a chastity belt.

Can't wait to see what she wears next.

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