Two Models Take a Tumble at Marc Jacobs' Resort Show

Leah Cohen

Two models almost broke their ankles while strutting down the runway.

Front row A-listers at Marc Jacobs' Resort '17 show in New York witnessed two models slip on the same spot on the runway.

The renowned fashion label was live streaming their show on their Facebook page, when the world caught sight of one model slip and fall flat on her behind.

Mid runway show, the first model takes a tumble. Photo: Facbeook

Moments later, another model found the same slippery spot, tumbling sideways into the front row but catching herself just in time.

Unfortunately for the models, the front-row guests including US Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris Carine Roitfeld witnessed the girls take a tumble.

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The show starts off swimmingly, with models dolled in gothic makeup, frizzy locks and funky, bold 80s-inspired outfits.

The model falls flat on her behind. Photo: Facebook

Around four and a half minutes into the livestream, the show is interrupted by the model adorned in grey denim and sparkly blue boots who slips and lands right on her tush.

The model quickly gets back up. Photo: Facebook
She struts the catwalk like business as usual. Photo: Facebook

She gracefully gets back up on her feet, picking up her white leather studded bag on the way and continues to walk the distance like nothing ever happened.

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A few moments later the next model hits the runway in a sequined zebra-esk coat, walking out with confidence but unfortunately loses her footing on the same slippery spot.

The second model to slip looked very confident at the start of her walk. Photo: Facebook
Out of nowhere she stumbles on the same spot. Photo: Facebook

She suddenly tumbles sideways, almost into the pack of front-row editors who reach their hands out to help her. Luckily the young model manages to regain her balance and swoops herself back onto the middle of the runway like business as usual. Well played.

Front-row hands reach out to help her but she manages to regain her balance. Photo: Facebook

The Facebook video has been streamed almost 45,000 times since it was uploaded early this morning and no doubt that number will continue to tick.

While it was certainly an embarrassing moment for the two models who fell - do doubt for Mr Marc Jacobs - the girls handled the slip ups like true professionals.