Conspiracists go wild over bizarre white line spanning 2,000km across the globe

Sarah Carty

If Netflix conspiracy theory documentaries are your thing, then you’re going to lose your mind over this bizarre white line a YouTuber found spanning the globe.

Tyler Glockner, who uploads content onto the YouTube channel secureteam10, released a video showing what happened when he was looking at Google Earth and decided to look at the weather setting.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a perfectly straight white line which stretched from Antarctica to the North Pole – a massive 2000km long.

A YouTuber found this bizarre white line spanning across the globe on Google Earth. Photo: YouTube/sercureteam10

Tyler, whose channel focuses heavily on ‘alien cover-ups’ claims that the line couldn’t possibly be formed by a plane and believes there is definitely something more to it than meets the eye.

“This was not created by an airliner,” he said in the 12-minute-long video.

“This map here and at this distance only gives us images of the major cloud formations and weather around the Earth.

“There are obviously hundreds of thousands of contrails by planes but we cannot see them. They are much too small, much too thin.

The line spans 2,000km from Antartica to the North Pole. Photo: YouTube/secureteam10

“So, whatever created this cloud formation, if that’s what it is, would have to be massive.”

Tyler goes on, further stating how fast something would have to go to make that type of perfectly formed line.

“it would have the ability to go from Antarctica spanning 13,000 miles in a straight line all the way to the North Pole without stopping and without changing direction,” he said.

“And would have had to have done this fast enough as to where it would leave this entire line of cloud almost in perfect condition like it traversed the Earth in a matter of seconds or minutes.”

Tyler believes the line couldn't have been created by an airliner. Photo: YouTube/secureteam10

People were quick to take to the comments section, with some believing it was an alien and others claiming it could have been a rocket launch.

“The light, definitely alien origin,” a commenter said.

“Whatever made this, was very large and very fast. My best guess is that this was a very large meteor that entered the atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere at just the right angle and with enough velocity that it was able to partially orbit the Earth before finally disintegrating above the Arctic. If I’m right, this was a very close call,” one person said.

Others were sure that it was just a Google Earth graphics glitch.

“Yeah this is spliced photos or animation, it’s just lines where images were joined/glitch in the animation. Weird, but probably not something ‘real’, a commenter said.

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