Tziporah opens up about her weight and insecurities

Rebekah Scanlan

Tziporah Malkah has been open about her battle with the bulge recently.

The former supermodel known as Kate Fischer lost 19kgs after gaining weight when she stepped away from the limelight, but admitted she "still cares" about what others think of her appearance.

Talking to the 44-year-old revealed she's often baffled by the backlash she receives for not looking the same as she did when she used to date millionaire James Packer in the 90s.

Tziporah weighs 105kgs but used to be a supermodel. Source: Instagram

“I don’t look like I did when I was 23," she told the outlet. "I’m not rich like I was when I was 23. Who is?”

Despite earlier reports that she'd lost weight and was feeling great, the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! contestant said she doesn't "feel good" about her bigger body.

At the height of her modelling career, Tziporah - then Kate Fischer - had an enviable figure. Source: Getty

“I am still a bit vain," she said. "I’d like to look as good as I can for 44. I want to be a good 44 — not an average one.”

Tziporah shot back into the public's interest last year after vanishing from the spotlight for more than a decade, when a magazine ran shock photos of her looking unrecognisable whilst getting her mail.

She looks very different to her previous life as Kate Fischer. Source: Instagram

Weighing 118 kilos the former model, who won the iconic Dolly covergirl in 1987 aged 13, looked nothing like people remembered her and sparked an interest.

But when discussing her days as a model, she confessed she “didn’t think” she was beautiful at the time and that she "hated" herself.

Admits she hated herself back in her slimmer days, when she used to date James Packer. Source: Getty

Now she tips the scales at 105kg and credits her weight loss to her romance with Guy Vasey as they love to take long strolls along the beach together.

She also says she’s cut back on sugar and alcohol.

Her adventures on I'm a celeb! kick-started her weight loss journey. Source: Ten

“I’m taking a bit of shape now,” she told the publication. “I’m getting my strength, my legs are getting a bit shapely. So the walking is good.”

Despite having lost almost 20kgs, Tziporah says she'd love to shrink down to a size 14 as it is a healthy goal for her height.

Her weight hasn't been her only struggle this year, with the reality star also having money worries that left her reportedly sleeping in her car in October.

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