The places you’re most likely to spot a UFO

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Why go on a boring, adventure-less holiday, when you could spend your days off getting to the bottom of one of the most profound questions of our time; are we really alone in the universe?

Adventure tourism is on the rise, and one thrilling route you could go down is UFO chasing.

According to UFO-ologist Jim Dobson, there are a number of intriguing destinations you can travel to for a glimpse of something extra-terrestrial, including one in our own backyard.

Wycliffe Well is the best place to see UFOs in Australia.

Wycliffe Well

Dobson tells Outer Places that there’s something special about Wycliffe Well, in the remote centre of the Northern Territory.

A four-hour drive north from Alice Springs, this mysterious destination is apparently one of the world’s primary hot spots for UFO sightings.

Dobson recommends going between May and October when there’s less of a chance of rain, and according to locals, if you spent a night staring up at the stars, you’d be unlucky not to see a UFO.

Hundreds of UFO sightings have taken place at Wycliffe Well, with locals saying it’s because the Lay Lines in the sky – also known as UFO highways – cross over above the site.

Wiltshire is also the home of Stonehenge. Photo: Getty


You may already be familiar with Wiltshire as the home of Britain’s famous Stonehenge, but that isn’t the only eerie occurrence to have happened in the area.

The land is marked by crop circles, allegedly made by landing UFOs, and according to "Balls of light have been seen a number of times around crop formations. 

"They seem to be yellow-orange, floating around circles with signs of pattern or intent." Spooky.

Don't write Roswell off just because its popular. Photo: Getty


Every UFO-curious person is aware of the mysterious ongoings at Area 51 Roswell, but that doesn’t mean it’s not well worth a visit in person.

The International UFO Museum and Research Centre is a little cheesy, but it does house a film of alien autopsies after the infamous 1947 crash.

Dobson also recommends timing your travel for the beginning of July when there’s a festival he likens to the "Comic-Con of UFO devotees".

Muna also boasts gorgeous Mayans ruins. Photo: Getty


Muna, in the Mexican region of Yucatán, is known as a hotspot for extra-terrestrial occurrences.

In the town’s most famous sighting back in 2004, locals said they say an object fly overhead before landing on as a group of locals say that they saw a flying object, landing on a sinkhole and then flying away.

The event happened in the middle of the day, and multiple people claim to have seen it.

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