Uma Thurman Accused Of "Pulling A Zellweger"

Lauren Tuck
Uma Thurman steps out in New York on Feb 9. Image: Getty Images

Whenever a celebrity reemerges into the public after some time away from the spotlight people are shocked to see that they’ve changed.

Lately, Reneé Zellweger, Kate Gosselin, and others have sent Twitter and Facebook into a tizzy, with people observing that their faces drastically changed. And now Uma Thurman’s getting the same treatment.

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On Monday night, the 44-year-old actress walked the red carpet in New York City at the premiere of her new miniseries The Slap. Thurman complemented her all-black outfit with her blonde hair straight and pulled back, with a red lip. But the minimal makeup, lack of eye makeup, and new hairstyle has some confused.

Commentators took to social media to accuse the Kill Bill star of "pulling a Zellweger". One Facebook commenter wrote: “Not sure its [sic] just a lack of make up! She looks totally different for some reason.” Another asked if it’s something more than just wearing less beauty products. “Surely mascara can’t account for all that,” he said. A much-repeated sentiment was, “Oh dear me! What has Uma Thurman done to her face?”

Uma Thurman in 2014. Image: Getty Images

Anyone’s appearance can drastically change based on lighting and angle. Mary Kate Olsen was accused of cosmetic enhancements recently, but crowdsourced opinions from photographers came to the conclusion that it was the photograph itself that made her look so different. “With red-carpet and paparazzi photography, it’s an on-camera flash,” New York photographer Roy Beeson said. “That means the light is coming from above the camera, straight on. Everything’s illuminated. It’s not like with a studio photographer, who will use another light source, which is generally a little flattering and softer. The on-camera flash is harsher.”

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Why is it that when a woman doesn’t appear to look like her 20-year-old self anymore, all of a sudden there are plastic surgery accusations? It’s societal behavior such as this that pressures people, especially those in the spotlight, to fight against the natural aging process. Additionally, when a high-profile person steps out not looking like themselves, calling it “pulling a René Zellweger” is incredibly offensive. Yes, the actress changed, but equating her with something such as plastic surgery, as opposed to her achievements, is almost inhumane and minimising her to just one negative news cycle. Zellweger, Thurman, Olsen, and others deserve more than being reduced to a bad photo.

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