Troubled star Vince Colosimo 'splits' with partner

Olivia Morris

Vince Colosimo is allegedly facing a two-year prison sentence and a hefty fine after being caught by police driving under the influence of drugs.

And now it's been reported that the Underbelly star is also dealing with more anguish as he may have split from his girlfriend of eight years, Diana Glenn.

Vince Colosimo has reportedly split from his girlfriend Diana Glenn after eight years together. Source: Getty

According to Woman’s Day the couple have split after a difficult few months.

A source told the publication: “Everyone is extremely worried about Vince. His friends have closed ranks – it seems this time they’re fearful there’s something really wrong.”

The pair met back in 2009 and have a three-year-old son together. Source: Getty

The pair have been together ever since meeting in 2009 on set of Carla Cametti and have a son together, three-year-old Massimo.

The 50-year-old appeared in court back in January, pleading guilty to being in possession of the drug ice and received a 12-month good behaviour bond.

The actor previously to starred in the hit show Underbelly on Channel Nine. Source: Channel Nine / Supplied

The actor was also fined $1000 back in 2014 after being caught twice driving with a suspended license.

Now, The Age has reported Vince was caught again driving with a suspended license while under the influence of drugs on Sunday.

His mother, Lina Colosimo recently told TheDaily Telegraph about her heartbreak over her son’s struggles.

The 50-year-old is due to face court in August. Source: Getty

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“We spoke to him in January when we heard he was caught with drugs and he said we have to trust him, he promised no more,” she told the outlet.

The actor is due to attend a hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in August over the recent charges where he could face prison time and a fine of up to $38,000.

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