WATCH: Val Kilmer shocks fans with frail appearance

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

Hollywood star Val Kilmer has repeatedly denied that he’s suffering from a serious illness, but a video from a February 9 event paints a frightening picture.

In the footage, Val is shown talking about his new film Citizen Twain.

Val looked healthier in 2013. Source: Getty

His hoarse voice and apparent shortness of breath led many fans in attendance to speculate on the actor’s health.

“He could barely stand, he had to sit down to talk,” one attendee told Radar Online. “He was gasping for breath and he’s lost about half his body weight.”

The actor's recent selfies show shocking weight loss. Source: Facebook

“The difference between Val three years ago and him on stage now is both shocking and heartbreaking,” the source continued.

Val (in 2005) is the star of hit films including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Robert Downey Jr. Source: Getty

“His face has such deep lines on it and he appears so fragile. It is so sad to see such a huge talent so humbled.”

Val's appearance has fans worried about his health. Source: Facebook

Rumours have been plaguing the actor since 2015, when he admitted to having surgery on a tumour in his throat and then retracted the statement.

The actor, pictured in 1995 with Batman Forever co-star Nicole Kidman, was a Hollywood heartthrob in his prime. Source: Getty

His close friend Michael Douglas, a tongue cancer survivor, revealed that Val was “dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too good for him.”

Val denied that he was suffering cancer and said Michael had “apologised” to him for making the claims.

Michael and Val (pictured in 1996) have been close ever since co-starring in the film The Ghost and the Darkness. Source: Getty

The 53-year-old actor, known for his roles in Top Gun and Batman Forever, is a Christian Scientist. The religion’s followers believe that disease can be cured by prayer.

The star took to Facebook to defend himself and his

After the February 9 event, Val took to his Facebook page to explain the reasons behind his vocal problems, which he put down to "speech therapy".

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“There's yet another completely unfounded article that I am in ill health, because I have some speech therapy to do still from last years physical challenges,” he wrote.

“I am in perfect health and enjoyed another sold out show last night…the happiest audience I've performed for. Thank you all for your support.”

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