This 'health' food has more fat than a cheeseburger

Allison Yee

Bad news for those who feel smug when they reach past the potato chips at the supermarket for those fancy vegetable ones instead.

It turns out chowing down on veggie chips isn’t as virtuous as you think, with experts saying they might actually be higher in fat than other snacks.

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A study from Wren Kitchens with nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed claims the chips generally don’t contain as much vegetable as you think – around 65 percent – with high levels of oil and salt.

The study examined Tyrell’s crisps which come in at 14.3 grams of fat per 40 gram serve.

Veggie chips made of sweet potato, beetroot and parsnip have become popular in recent years. Photo: Getty

To put that in perspective, a McDonald’s cheeseburger has 13.2 grams of fat per serve, and a Krispy Kreme doughnut has 16.5 grams.

“Because branded vegetable crisps are marketed as 'healthy', it means we may feel we can eat more of them, when in fact they have a similar nutritional value to traditional potato crisps,” the study claims.

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“In one study, participants ate 35 percent more of a product they believed to be healthy. When it comes to crisps that are marketed as 'healthy', the most concerning aspect of these products is their high fat content.”

We know which snack we’d rather eat!

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