Victoria Beckham causes a 'fashion fallout' by wearing trainers

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Victoria Beckham has caused a "fashion fallout" by wearing trainers, according to British broadcaster Mary Portas.

The 42-year-old singer has caused "shockwaves" in the fashion industry for swapping her sky high stilettos for a pair of flat shoes at her catwalk show during New York Fashion Week in March this year.

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Speaking about the fashion designer's wardrobe choice on Thursday's episode of 'What Britain Buys', the show's host said: "Shockwaves crashed through the fashion world in March when Victoria finally succumbed to the hottest trend in town and donned a pair of trainers at New York Fashion Week."

Beckham wore a range of flat shoes during Fashion Week.

Although the red-headed retail consultant-come-presenter was stunned by the move, experts on the Channel 4 show are more appreciative of Victoria's actions.

Speaking about the mother of four - who has sons Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13 and Cruz, 11, and daughter Harper, four, with her husband David Beckham - new found style, stylists on the programme said: "You even have Victoria Beckham going out wearing trainers, five years ago that would never have happened."

And blogger Dina Torkia added: "When I saw Victoria Beckham in those white trainers I felt amazing. I thought 'great I can wear trainers and be glamorous'."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who launched dvb Denim collection in 2007 - has admitted she has found it "particularly hard" to keep up with the pace of the fashion industry, and launched four collections in one year to compete with the "current cycle" of designers.

Mary Portas (pictured) claims the star has caused a 'fashion fallout'.
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Speaking previously, the former Spice Girls band member - who was nicknamed Posh Spice in the group - said: "The current cycle of fashion designers is particularly hard. In a year we launched four series, there are other types of products.

"Obviously the speed will only get faster, but fortunately I have the best of the best working partners. Our strategy is to keep calm, unhurried. Good work is never born in quickly, the most important works to perfection to make."

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