Victoria Beckham slammed for using 'rail thin' model

Sarah Carty

Victoria Beckham has been slammed after posting a picture of a ‘rail thin’ model on her Facebook page.

The 43-year-old mother-of-four took to her social media account to upload a campaign shot from her latest eyewear range, showing the model dressed in a long silk shirt and pink wide-legged trousers.

However, people couldn’t get over how skinny the model was, with some criticising the designer for using the “disgusting” image.

Victoria Beckham has been slammed for using this model in her latest eyewear campaign. Photo: Facebook/Victoria Beckham

“She needs a sandwich,” one person simply commenter, which another said she finds “nothing attractive about her”.

“Awful! Please eat something - this is not beautiful,” another person said.

“I like thin or slim but this is not a good look at all to have posted,” a commenter said.

One woman said Victoria Beckham should be “ashamed” of herself for the campaign because it’s “teribble role model for our children”.

However, others stuck up for the model and Victoria Beckham saying people shouldn’t be shaming the woman for her body and her looks.

Beckham posted the image to her Facebook account. Photo: Facebook/Victoria Beckham
While some slammed how thin the model was, others stuck up for her. Photo: Facebook/Victoria Beckham

“Not all women who are extremely tiny are sick, anorexic, and they are not ‘disgusting’,” she said.

“Maybe we could try being kind and supportive of ALL body types.

“Women really are the worst critics of other women.’

Another woman agreed, saying there was too “much hate about body types”.

“Not all thin girls are anorexic and those of you commenting thinking you're pushing some body positive agenda, think again,” she said.

“Been rail thin my whole life and proud of it. So she doesn't look like you, who cares. there are plenty of other models with fuller bodies.”

It’s not the first time the designer has faced backlash for using thin models in her campaigns, however she assured fans all the models were healthy.

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