Victoria’s Secret airbrushing gaffe

Victoria Jones

Victoria’s Secret models are used to seeing themselves airbrushed to perfection. But Marisa Miller found herself sans limb in her latest shoot for the lingerie retailer.

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Modelling Victoria’s Secret ‘Sexiest Polo’ t-shirt Marisa’s entire arm appears to be missing. The art director clearly got carried away when touching up the natural looking shot for the company's catalogue website.

But it is not the first gaffe for Victoria’s Secret. The company was caught out in 2008 when supermodel Karolina Kurkova was pictured exposing her unusual looking navel. The Czech blonde, who sports a non-existent belly button, had previously been photographed modelling a bra for Victoria’s Secret with a Photoshop belly button added in.

A fashion insider told Page Six magazine, “Karolina’s body is amazing, but her belly button is unusual. It disappears in photos, so we keep a collection of belly button shots in different positions, and Photoshop them onto her whenever she’s doing a bikini picture.”

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