Victoria’s Secret slammed for airing footage of falling model

Kristine Tarbert

TV viewers have lashed out at Victoria's Secret after the label decided to air the footage of one of its models falling on the runway.

During the filming of the runway show earlier this month, Chinese model Ming Xi tripped on her billowing cape and fell.

And while the incident was widely publicised at the time, many assumed the label would cut the fall out of the final show once it aired on television.

Model Ming Xi fell during the filming of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Photo: Getty
She got back up and kept going. Photo: Getty

However not only did they not cut the fall out, but they had a whole segment on Ming talking about how special it was to walk the runway in her home in front of her family.

Then after the fall, cameras followed her backstage where she started crying about what had happened – and everything was laid bare for the millions watching.

Camera's followed her backstage where she started crying. Photo: Getty
Ming was helped up by a fellow model and continued her walk. Photo: Getty

Understandably, people weren’t happy the label decided to focus on the fall.

"Did they really have to leave in Ming xi falling and crying," one person asked on Twitter.

"This feels unnecessarily cruel and embarrassing, honestly. Like it's one thing if you want to show a little heartwarming moment about getting back up again but the crying shot is just f***ed up," another said.

What makes the whole situation even more harsh, is the fact that they film the show twice, for the exact purpose of cutting together the best final performance.

Even model Chrissy Teigan expressed her disapproval, joining the discussion on Twitter.

The best thing to come out of the whole debacle has been the huge support and love that has unfolded for Ming. And how she handled the whole situation with absolute grace.

Before the show aired, Ming addressed the fall and she thanked her fans and the girls backstage who comforted her.

Ming thanked people for support after the fall. Photo: Instagram

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