WATCH: Angry woman jumps from moving car, and survives

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We can think of a few ways to get out of an argument with your other half, but jumping out of a moving car isn't one of them.

This is the unbelievable moment an angry woman jumps out of her boyfriend's car doing 100km/h on a motorway.

She miraculously survived.

The shocking incident, triggered by an argument between the young couple in their twenties, was captured on the dashcam of a vehicle travelling behind on Freeway 1 in the city of Tainan in south-western Taiwan.

The woman jumped out of the car while it was on the freeway. Photo: Australscope

The video shows the passenger-side door suddenly opening while the car speeds along the motorway.

It pulls to the right towards the hard shoulder and the woman wearing only a thin top and shorts suddenly rolls out of the car.

She tumbles several times along the hard shoulder as the clip ends, with the witness calling the police afterwards.

Local authorities said the incident happened at around 2pm, with the woman amazingly only suffering some minor scratches on her feet.

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She and her boyfriend had been arguing in the car and she could not wait for him to stop the vehicle before wanting to force her way out, it was reported.

It comes after a Russian holiday-goer was killed in October after hanging out of the window of a moving car while topless.

The incident has been deemed an accident and no charges will be pressed.

The couple were let off with a warning.

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