This is how much sugar can kill you

Kristine Tarbert

The fact that sugar isn’t very good for you isn’t a surprise.

And it’s already a known fact that too much of it can lead to health issues such as diabetes.

But according to a new – slightly morbid – video by AsapSCIENCE, if you consumed too much of it at once, it could actually kill you.

Source: Giphy

The viral clip by the popular Youtubers, called ‘This Much Will Kill You Pt. 2’ explains that if a person weighing 68kg consumes 10.5 cups of sugar at once it can lead to death.

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10.5 cups of sugar can kill a 68kg person. Photo: Getty

Some other revelations in the ‘things to not down from your kitchen cupboard’ include 129 teaspoons of pepper, 480 bananas, 11,000 oranges.

And if you’re feeling all that sugar between your teeth, then avoid using 24 tubes of toothpaste because – you guessed it – you could die.

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