WATCH: You've been eating peaches wrong all this time

Kristine Tarbert

We will never eat peaches the same again!

A video, which was recently shared on Twitter by Japanese woman Okada, has been blowing people’s minds.

Sharing footage of her easily peeling a peach with one smooth hand movement, her post received more than 52,000 retweets.

Okada says she saw a tweet a while ago about putting peaches in hot water for 20 seconds and then cold water for five minutes before peeling them.

Source: Giphy

She decided to give it a go and internet users have lapped it up.

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Within a week, her video was shared and went viral again, with one new post showing the video receiving 94,000 retweets this time.

Within 3 seconds the peach was peeled. Photo: Twitter

“I’m so confused you can peel peaches,” one person asked.

“Feels like I've been eating it wrong all these years,” another added.

But some thought peeling peaches was wrong.

“Out of my 30 years of life, I have never seen someone peel a MF'n peach,” one person said.

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