'UFO' filmed in sky over Mexico

Kristine Tarbert

New footage of a ‘UFO’ flying in the sky above drivers in Mexico has experts saying that aliens are “monitoring the planet”.

The eerie video of the mysterious object was filmed alongside a road freaking out drivers, as a woman can be heard saying 'what is it?'.

It appears to be flying vertically, almost hovering in the sky above the drivers below on the road in the state of Baja California in Mexico.

A woman has filmed this strange object flying in Mexico. Photo: Youtube

It’s since sparked a number of theories about what the object is, with some saying it’s complete fake.

However, it has sparked the interest of UFO expert Pedro Ramirez, according to the Daily Mail.

The image has sparked concern from UFO experts. Photo: Getty

Ramirez said it follows on from the increased alien activity in the last months of 2017, something that comes from aliens “monitoring” the planet.

“Aliens are aware that we have made a number of space launches recently and have identified that we have been sending up 'war material',” he claimed.

“Concerned by our activity, they have been increasingly monitoring our planet.

“This year will be very important for those of us who follow this phenomenon closely.”

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