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A baby squirrel has fun interacting with its "adopted" human parent. This squirrel has become an outside pet and interacts with these people every day. Amazing!

Katie the Great Dane desperately wants to make contact with a squirrel high above on a ledge. Watch and laugh as she bounces and barks at it to no avail!

Pepper the Dachshund is a brave little dog, but he doesn't know how to swim yet. With the help of his owner, he begins his training that will have you smiling for sure!

This dog owner repeatedly attempts to wake up Tank from his slumber. When he finally opens his eyes he immediately gives her kisses. Looks like waking up next to a pit bull isn't so scary after all!

Fitness expert John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) of FitnessMadeSimple.com shows the best indoor cardio workouts to maximize fat loss and improve your fitness results. Elliptical cross-trainer …

Check out how Joseph reveals to his parents the exciting news. First he tells them there is a challenge going around that it's impossible to tie a shoe, that was laced differently, backwards and …