Violent landing bends plane's fuselage

Rough landings where planes seem to bounce on the runway are not that uncommon, but this dramatic landing takes it to a whole new level.

The clip, by Kyodo News in Japan, shows an All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 passenger jet as it touches down and the nose bounces violently and looks close to scraping the ground.

From a distance it doesn't look too bad, but the extent of the damage can be seen later in the video with a close-up of the aircraft after the landing.

The fuselage was bent close to the wings and the footage shows what appears to be ripples in the aluminium after it was twisted on landing.

Unlike its successor, the fully composite-made 787 Dreamliner, the Boeing 767 uses aluminum alloys. It also uses Kevlar fairings and access panels, plus carbon-fiber reinforced plastic composites on the wings.

Watch the clip here:

Have you experienced any scary landings?

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